SonarG 4.1

FAQs and Support Resources

This section contains a selection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding SonarG, a glossary of abbreviations, acronyms and technical terms and instructions for collaborating with SonarG Support.


Where on the SonarG host is the Tomcat server hosting the SonarG Application installed?

The default installation directory is <home dir for user installing SonarG >/sonarFinder.

What is the Dispatcher?

The Dispatcher is a daemon that processes jobs fired by the scheduler and is responsible for email and SCP-based delivery of results. It is a python script running from the SonarFinder directory and configured using dispatcher.conf.

What does the Tomcat server include?

The Tomcat server runs JSON Studio, the Sonar Gateway (for Web services access to data), the SonarG GUI and the scheduler.

Why do I get a Web exception in my browser when I first access the SonarG Application?

All access to the SonarG Application occurs over SSL. The SonarG software ships with a self-signed certificate that ensures the data is encrypted, but this certificate is generic and not signed by a CA. The browser therefore cannot validate the authenticity of the endpoint and that it is indeed running on your server (whatever your domain is). If you wish to avoid this exception you need to get a signed certificate for your server from a CA or by self-signing it in a way that browsers within your organization will be able to validate it. You then add this certificate to the Tomcat keystore using standard Tomcat procedures.

How do I upgrade my SonarG system?

All upgrades are done using the SonarG installer (e.g. apt-get upgrade in Ubuntu). Upgrades for all internal components (e.g Tomcat) are packaged within these upgrades and you do not need to do any other upgrades. The SonarG upgrade does not upgrade the Linux operating system. Consult your jSonar contact before you perform a major version upgrade the operating system where SonarG is installed to ensure that operating system is supported.

Why are there Authorization failure events in SonarW's log?

JSON Studio may be used by users with various authorizations. The first thing that the Studio does it to try to list the databases in the instance. This allows it to know if the user is a "normal" user or a privileged user and builds the collection profile accordingly. For normal users this produces an authorization failure since they do not have privileges to get a list of the available databases. This is normal behavior and can be ignored.